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Grandma's Gameboy
Grandma's Gameboy
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 Original design. Inspired by antique gameboards, this quilt suggest, through color and design, the gameboards I played on as a child. While watching my grandson play with his gameboy a quilt's name was born.

Machine paper pieced and hand quilted. 100% cotton fabric, batting and thread used.

Completed in 2005
Dimensions: 41"x 41"

Exhibits and Awards

  • 2005 IHQS- Indiana Heritage Quilt Show, Bloomington, In. Second Place
  • 2006 NQA National Quilt Assoc., Columbus, Oh. Third Place
  • 2006 Fogg Gallery, F.B. Fogg, Muncie, In.
  • 2007 AQS American Quilter's Society,Paducah, Ky. Second Place.
  • 2007 "Quilts Fill Our Lives: An American Legacy" The Quilters Hall of Fame and Minnetrista Cultural Center, Marion and Muncie, In. Second Place
  • 2008 "Puzzled & Board" the New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, Ma.
  • 2009 Quilter's Heritage Celebration, Lancaster, Pa.
  • 2016 "In the American Tradition" Traveling exhibit IQA International Quilts.

    In the collection of the artist

    Please email for more information.


    Grandma's Gameboy