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05/28/2017 - Two years

Much has happened in my personal life and as a quilter. I'm staring the process of coming back. I will be meeting quilt friends in June and have high hopes my creativity will return. I can start by updating my site. So look at a new quilt, Five Turns of the Wheel, that has received many awards this past year and the updates on quilt activities. I have presented several trunk shows to quilt guilds across Indiana this past year and have several on my calendar for 2017-18 and 2019. If you would be interested in a presentation for your group just click one of the e-mail buttons in the gallery and start the conversation.
05/14/2015 - Up Coming Events

While my attention is on a new quilt that I am working on, the Bohemian Series continues to be requested for exhibits. Bohemian Fireworks and Bohemian II were invited to be in the '19 Stars: Quilts of Indiana Past and Present' exhibit celebrating Indiana's Bicentennial. The exhibit dates are June 13- Oct. 3 Indiana State Museum, Indianpolis, In. The exhibit will then continue to exhibit at other museums through the state. Bohemian III is in the 'Quilts a World of Beauty 2014" Quilts, Inc. traveling exhibit..........Back to the quilt I'm working on now, I'm excited about this one, very technical. Since my quilts are usually technical can you imagine what I consider "very" technical.
01/11/2015 - Quilters Newsletter Cover

Bohemian II Ferris Wheels and Kites is the cover for Quilters Newsletter's Feb./Mar. issue. I was excited to be asked and very happy with the finished cover and inside article. The idea of a cover has always been a far away goal. Thank you Quilters Newletter and Lori Baker for making it happen.
05/08/2014 - Bohemian Series finished!

Just finished Bohemian III Rain, this completes the series. I also completed a fun quilt called, Spiketacular, it is now posted in the gallery. Take a look. I am taking the summer off to recoup a broken foot and enjoy being a lump on a chaise reading books. This fall I plan to start drawing art designs, its been awhile and I have lots of ideas swimming around in my head….so a change is coming.
03/07/2014 - Best of Show

Bohemian II: Ferris Wheels and Kites was awarded First Place and Best of Show in the IQHS Indiana Heritage Quilt Show this week. My sister and I drove to Bloomington to see the show Thursday. It's nice to have this traveling quilt in a home state (Indiana) show.
11/04/2013 - First Place at International Quilt Festival, Houston, Tx.

My sister, Jennifer, and I just returned from Houston. Bohemian II: Ferris Wheels and Kites was awarded first place in the Innovative Pieced catagory. Its was just as exciting as the first time with Bohemian Fireworks. We enjoyed seeing the quilts and of course shopping for fabrics, and oh! the fabrics.
02/26/2012 - New Quilt

This morning, after a creative night's sleep, sketched my next major quilt. Love when this happens, its like the pen moves on its own and I fear I can't keep up. I see it from the start and never change a thing during the process of sketch to finished quilt. Very exited. Next problem finish the four quilts I'm working on or.....I think we all know what I'll do.
08/08/2011 - IQA Celebrity Mini Quilt Auction

I have been invited to participate in the International Quilt Association's Celebrity Mini Quilt Silent Auction during International Quilt Festival in November. The 25" x 25" quilt needs to be completed by mid September. I've been busy! Designed, drafted and made my pattern pieces the same day I received the invitation (2 weeks ago). Quilt top is completed, now have handquilting to do.
07/15/2011 - 2 Quilts in 2 Calendars for 2012

Can you believe it. In 2012 I will have a quilt in two of the major calendars. My sons will have to put those iphones away and start using my calendars! Bohemian Fireworks: 2012 Award Winning Quilts, Martindale & Company. Tangerine: Quilt Art 2012 Engagement Calendar, Klaudeen Hansen, AQS Publications
01/22/2011 - Road to California Conference and Quilt Show

Bohemian Fireworks continues to win. This is my first entry in the show. I was informed this week that I had been awarded "Outstanding Innovative Quilt". The judges' comments were very inspiring. I'm encouraged to see light at the end of the tunnel on the commitments I've made that have taken to much of my quilt time. Recently I've designed and pieced two quilt tops and designed and completed 3 wall hangings for the club house. I think I'm BACK!!!!
11/28/2010 - International Quilt Association, Houston Tx.

Boheiman Fireworks received First Place in Innovative Pieced at the International Quilt Festival "Quilts: A World of Beauty" I was present for the award show, still don't remember going up on the stage. What a honor. Jennifer (my sister) and I had a great trip to Houston then needed to recoup at the beach for several days.
07/25/2010 - Bohemian Fireworks continues to show well.

This quilt was challenging to make and rewarding when finished. It continues to be accepted and place in shows, most recent the AQS Knoxville Show where it received an Honorable Mention. I have been notified that it has been juried into International Quilt Festival, Houston Tx. This is the first time I have submitted a quilt and I am very excited it was accepted. So much so I am taking this opportunity to make the trip. I've always wanted to go. Hope I see much missed friends while there.
06/25/2010 - Something new for me.

I was invited to lunch by a group of quilt friends, a shop owner and fellow instructors, a few months ago. I was looking forward to it until I found out the invitation was to join the group! As many know I don't do that. We laughed when I told them at the third lunch. Yes, I am now part of the group. A first for me was receiving two 12' blocks from each when it was my turn. I worked with the blocks and am quite pleased with the results. I found out they thought I would'nt do anything with them. They are quilt blocks!!!!! of course they had to be used. I just hope they won't be upset when they see I took creative license with my rotary cutter.
06/22/2010 - NQA 40th Annual Show June 17-19, 2010

I attended the show in Columbus Ohio, with my sister Jennifer, for the first time. I was happy to see 'Tangerine' received Second Place. For the second year in a row, I also received the Exemplary Piecework Award.
03/06/2010 - Indiana Heritage Quilt Show

Bohemian Fireworks received first place in the Professional Pieced wall group. Unless you can see this quilt in person you really can't see the detail. For a reference point when you look at this quilt in my gallery, the largest circle's center portion has over 600 pieces. I have recieved many positive comments when people see this quilt. Most asked "How long did it take" and "Did it drive you crazy?" It took one year to complete, remember I hand quilt. And no I'm not crazy (my opinion only!). I thrive on details.
06/29/2009 - NQA 40th Annual Show June 18-20, 2009

Bohemian Fireworks won a First Place and the Exemplary Piecework Award. What a great honor. Of course, I didn't attend the show.
03/16/2009 - Bohemian Fireworks

Bohemian Fireworks is now in the Quilt Gallery. It was juried into Paducah this year, its nice to be a semi-finalist again.

Please take a look and tell me what you think.

01/16/2009 - New year- New start

Its been awhile, I am finally back to quilting after a very difficult year. I was able to finish a quilt for the Paducah deadline. One accomplishment at a time. I'm looking forward to the Jinny Beyer seminar this month. Seeing wonderful friends and great quilters is the highlight of my winter. After 10 years this is going to leave a large whole in my quilting life. If you did not know, this is the 29th and last year for the seminar.

Hope to see you at Paducah and hope my quilt "Bohemian Fireworks" is there for you to see.

05/24/2008 - Paducah News!

My sister and I attended the 2008 AQS Paducah show in April. For the first time I attended awards night. My quilt 'Tangerine' received an honorable mention. We then attended the pre-opening exhibit for contestants, this is the only way to go. No crowds and the vendors were there to take my money. I had to have my T.J. Thimbles fix.
03/14/2008 - April News

Chicago Quilt Show- Apr. 11-For the first time I'm going with a bus load of quilter's, since I don't travel well unless I'm driving we'll see how it goes.

Drafting Class- Apr. 19 10a-4p- I'll be teaching at Quilter's Toy Box, Muncie, In.

AQS Paducah- Apr.22- Tangerine has been juried into this year's show. I'll be going to the awards show and sneek preview.

02/29/2008 - IHQS

Tangerine was awarded second place in the Professional Pieced division at IHQS. The Indiana Heritage Quilt Show is a juried exhibit in Bloomington Indiana.
01/07/2008 - New Quilt

Finally! With a lot of personal and family issues this past year I wasn't sure this quilt was ever going to be finished. Its like a big salad the more you eat the bigger it gets. The more I quilted the more there was to quilt. Of course stopping to start piecing a new design didn't help. I do my best design thinking when hand quilting, then have to take immediate action. Take at look a Tangerine, hope you enjoy.
12/12/2007 - The New England Quilt Museum

Grandma's Gameboy was juried into the "Puzzled and Board" exhibit, running January through March, in Lowell, Ma. My hope is to travel to Lowell and see this exhibit. A large collection of quilts inspired by board games should be very interesting. For more info. go to the New England Quilt Museum website.
09/16/2007 - Fall Classes

November 8, 1p-4p Paper Piecing

November 10, 1p-4p Color Concepts

November 15, 1p-4p Hand Applique

November 27, 9a-3p *New Class* Drafting and Pattern Design.

For quilters ready to take that next step into designing original quilt patterns. You will be instructed on drafting patterns and what tools are available. Then you will develop your design using this informaion and hands on instructions. I-A only. This is a much requested class and is filling up fast!

08/23/2007 - Vivian Conley Award

It was a great honor to be chosen to receive the Vivian Conley Award. This award is to honor women who have made contributions in the fields of art, education, religion, health, environmrnt, community service, humanitarian aid or business. The award was given by the Coalition of Women's Organizations. I was the honoree of the Indiana Women of Achievement Awards Committee.
07/16/2007 - Grandma's Gameboy

I have been fortunate and very please with this quilt. It's still hanging in the Quilters Hall of Fame/Minnetrista show until August 6, 2007. Grandma's Gameboy was awarded second place.
06/03/2007 - July 6, 2007 to August 6, 2007

The Ouilters Hall of Fame and the Minnetrista Cultural Center presents: Quilts Fill Our Lives: An American Legacy.
Snowdrops in the Midnight Garden and Grandma's Gameboy have been juried into this national exhibit and contest.
05/13/2007 - Quilters Newsletter Magazine

What a surprise to open the June 2007 issue and find my quilt! Grandma's Gameboy appears in the article on the National Quilt Association Show in Columbus, Oh.
04/27/2007 - AQS Paducah

Grandma's Gameboy, Second Place in Traditional Wall Quilt division. I spent Friday at the show, met friends and saw many wonderful quilts. It was a great day.
04/06/2007 - AQS- Paducah

It's exciting to have one quilt juried in as a semi-finalist at the AQS Paducah show. But to have two! Snowdrops in the Midnight Garden and Grandma's Gameboy were both selected. They are completely different in concept and design. To view the quilts click on Quilt Gallery.
03/01/2007 - IHQS Show Bloomington Convention Center, Bloomington In.

Snowdrops in the Midnight Garden, my latest quilt has been accepted. Please look for it if you are planning to attend. It's a great show!
03/01/2007 - 2007 Spring Class Schedule


20 Tuesday 1p-4p Paperpiecing B-I Quilter's Toy Box, Muncie, In. 765-288-7316


10 Tuesday 1p-5p Blue Moon Quilt B-I-A Viking Sewing Center, Ft. Wayne, In.

12 Thursday 1p-4p Color Concepts B-I-A Quilter's Toy Box, Muncie, In. 765-288-7316

21 Saturday 10a-2p Blue Moon Quilt I-A Quilter's Toy Box Muncie, In. 765-288-7316


15 Tuesday 1p-4p Beginning Applique B-I Quilter's Toy Box Muncie, In. 765-288-7316

12/02/2006 - Exhibit at Fogg Gallery

I have been invited to exhibit my quilts on Saturday, December 2, 2006 at the Fogg Gallery, F.B.Fogg, 418 E. Main Street, Muncie In. The Salon is open to the public.
08/27/2006 - Fall teaching schedule for 2006

Nov. 18 10am-1pm "Color Concepts" Look at 12-05-06 for discription.

Nov. 27 2-5pm Hand Applique

Nov. 30 1:30-4:30pm Paper piecing

Quilter's Toy Box

765-288-7316 to schedule

06/08/2006 - 37th Annual National Quilt Association Show, Columbus, Oh.

My quilt "Grandma's Gameboy" was awarded 'Third Place' in the wall hanging division.

05/06/2006 - Color Concepts

I will be teaching my "Color Concepts" class on Sat. May 6, 2006 1pm-4pm, Quilter's Toy Box, Muncie In. Call for reservations 765-288-7316. For class info. refer to the class discription below.

03/02/2006 - IHQS-

My quilt "Vanishing Star" can be seen hanging in the 2006 Indiana Heritage Quilt Show, Bloomington, Indiana. March 2-4 2006

02/25/2006 - Minnetrista Cultural Center, Muncie, In.

My quilt "Black and White" was juried into the 16th Annual Juried Art Show.

Show dates: Febuary 25- April 9, 2006

12/05/2005 - Teaching

Color Concepts

In quilting, color is a powerful design tool. For the quilter basic color theory is only the first step. In this class we will discuss the color wheel and how to use it. Then we will move on to value, shading with color and using contrast and accent colors to give your quilts that extra something. Developing your color instincts and using them in your quilts will not only make decision making about colors easier and fun, but the quilts you make will be distinctively yours.

Interested in this class for your shop or group contact me by clicking any e-mail button on this web-site.

09/02/2005 - Q-BALLS The Quilter's Reducing Eye

Q-Balls are now available. Please go to "Accessories" to find out more.

09/01/2005 - Quilt Awards

August 22, 2005

1st Place "Bustin Out" Fiber Arts, Professional Arts, Indiana State Fair.

2nd Place "Black and White" Fiber Arts, Professional Arts, Indiana State Fair.

View both, Bustin Out and Black and White, in the Quilts section.

08/27/2005 - Thank you for visiting my web site.

I'm excited to share my quilts and baskets with you. Please view them and enjoy.

08/15/2005 - S.Peterson Arts is officially launched